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CSR and ESG Campaign

Innovative CSR and ESG campaign design, planning, execution and documentation.

  • 30 min
  • India|San Jose

Service Description

Together with partner NGO and Not for profit organisations, we design and execute CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) compliant campaign. Our key focus area have been: ​​​ Skill Development: Workshops to educate women and special children from under privileged localities for tailoring, fashion, handicrafts etc. Sustainability and Education: Innovative CSR campaign to collect paper waste from households and corporate hubs and recycle them into fresh paper notebooks and plantable paper seed pens, and distributed to underprivileged schools in India. Health & Hygiene: Awareness drives and training campaign in slum localities of India to maintain health and hygiene standards for local residents. Defence Services: Guinness Award-winning campaign for LG Electronics by creating the world's longest line (8.4 Kms) of sticky notes with messages from LG Customers and staff for security forces on the border.

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