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Integrated Marketing Services

​Integrated Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency Services

  • 30 min
  • India

Service Description

Whether it is for the Brand, Product, Service or just a stand-alone project, our experts know the exact marketing mix to get desired results in the most cost-effective manner. ​​​ Below-the-line (BTL) Marketing: Experiential is the most effective form of Marketing that gives you a clearly defined RoI for every buck invested in the campaign. Considering profile of the product/ services/ project, we help build a campaign that does never miss hitting the bull's-eye. Digital Marketing: From the way your brand looks in the virtual world, to the way it behaves, interacts, transacts, rewards and more... our teams know exactly how to control the World-wide-web to deliver what is expected. Above-the-line (ATL): TV, Print, OOH, Radio... Yes, we know they are expensive. However, we have learnt the art of "What, When, Where and How" to get the right exposure for most optimum price. Innovations/ Special Projects: When budgets are an issue, we make appropriate use of our magic wand to execute the Mission Impossible.

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